Global Meditation for rain fall, calling for the good rains

Global Meditation for rain fall. Thanks to the Water





















For those of you who missed this!

Here is a guided meditation for you to save and print for the meditations.

Sit down or lie down quietly

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

See the violet flame rising up

See the pure white flame rising up

See all your angels, guides and miracle friends assisting you

Imagine yourself floating as

You breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

Become aware of the strength you hold within you

Connect to the water life force

Imagine yourself traveling above the state of  “California”/Adapt to your wish place for the rain to come, as you set out to help the clouds form water molecules

See the clouds forming as your higher self works to weave the clouds that will provide the rain

Bless the sky, the clouds and the rain that you wish to fall

See the water molecules creating and dripping one by one

Ask that the rainfall blesses the state of “California”/Adapt to your wish place for the rain to come, with rain in moderation

Hear, feel, see, smell the rain as you see the crop fields and all the dry areas turning green and full of life

See the water flowing over the soil as it absorbs into the earth

See the drops falling on the leaves on the flowers on the trees on the rooftops and gutters of homes as it flows down

See the people of “California”/Adapt to your wish place for the rain to come, embracing this wonderful miracle

Sit quietly with rain music in the background as you help create this wonderful miracle of intention

You can meditate for 30 minutes to an hour!

Tarka flute for the rains, look for more videos of this magic instrument sound for the invocation of the rain














Well Being and Relaxation Schumann’s Resonance with Rain and Bird Sounds













Slobodan Trkulja – Prizivanje kise/Invocation of the rain


free of the time / space we can set aside the will for the desired moments

































Native American – Music- (Rain dance)

‘Intentional’ Rain
9/2/09– The day following the intention experiment [suggested in this show ] to cause rain covering the fires in Southern California, we were drenched. Redlands is 10 to 15 minutes from the fires in Yucaipa. The rain started out in the mountains at the fire locations and proceeded to drench Redlands. It has not rained here for many months. We should do some more experiments of the intention technique. It was the coolest thing I have seen in quite a while. There was also tremendous lighting and thunder. The thunder was so loud that it set off car alarms twice.





Español meditación guiada para que usted pueda guardar e imprimir para las meditaciones.
Siéntese o acuéstese en silencio

Respire por la nariz y exhalando por la boca

Ver la llama violeta elevándose

Ver la llama blanca pura se levanta

Mira todos tus ángeles, guías y amigos de milagros ayudándole

Imagínese flotando como

Se respira por la nariz y exhalando por la boca

Tomar conciencia de la fuerza que mantiene en su interior

Conéctese a la fuerza de la vida del agua

Imagínate viajar por encima del estado de “California”/O el lugar que usted desee como usted precisa para ayudar a las nubes se forman moléculas de agua

Ver las nubes formando como su ser superior trabaja para tejer las nubes que proporcionarán la lluvia

Bendice el cielo, las nubes y la lluvia que desea caer

Ver las moléculas de agua y la creación de goteo, uno por uno

Pida que la precipitación bendice el estado de “California”/O el lugar que usted desee con lluvia con moderación

Oír, sentir, ver, oler la lluvia como usted ve los campos de cultivo y de todas las áreas secas se vuelven verdes y llenos de vida

Ver el agua que fluye sobre la tierra a medida que se absorbe en la tierra

Ver las gotas que caen sobre las hojas de las flores de los árboles en los tejados y canalones de casas a medida que fluye hacia abajo

Ver a la gente de “California”/O el lugar que usted desee que abarca este maravilloso milagro

Siéntese en silencio con música de lluvia en el fondo como usted ayuda a crear este maravilloso milagro de la intención

Se puede meditar durante 30 minutos a una hora!

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