Jan 272018

Self-hypnosis as instructed by Doc

Detailed description.

Picture yourself walking down a series of ten steps

and then say,

“Level 1.” That announces that we are about to do this

Then say: Level 2

“Level 2” and go deeper into relaxation.

The first step initiates the experience, and the next step allows some time to relax all the muscles in your head. As you do that, you will notice, the soreness in your face and jaw muscles reflecting the tension of the day.

Your cheeks are actually sore-just poke them and you will find that is true. Why are they sore? It is from the chronic tension of resisted feelings.

Allow yourself several minutes to relax your head. Then say,

“Level 3.” Now relax your neck. Relax all the tension in your neck and upper shoulders. Then say to yourself,

“Level 4.”, and move and relax your back and chest muscles. As you say

“Level 5”, just continue to progressively relax, starting with the biggest muscles and then moving to the smallest-the shoulders, the upper arms, the lower arms, the hands, and then the fingers. Say

“Level 6” and allow your chest and torso to relax. With

“Level 7,” move into the lower abdomen , relaxing all the tensions you have been holding there. Say

“Level 8,” move into the hips and buttocks area and allow the deep relaxation.

At “Level 9,” allow that relaxation to flow down your legs.
Now say “Level 10” and allow your feet to relax. Next say,

“I am at level 10. Using that letting go of resistance, allow yourself to let go of all resistance to this profound state of relaxation.

Surprisingly, it will be discovered that no matter how seemingly complete the state of relaxation seems to be, there is yet another, even deeper level.

By going through progressively deeper levels, it is discovered that one has never really, really been totally relaxed in their entire lifetime while awake.

In this profound state of relaxation, now tell yourself the things you want to know and then let go of resisting them.

Let go of resisting the thought that pain is one thing and suffering is something else. There is no such thing as suffering in pain when that pain is not resisted. In that profoundly relaxed state now, go back to the previous information to deal with chronic pain. …

At an energy field of about 500 to 540, the lovingness comes forth. We know that it has happened when we become lighthearted about the situation and can laugh at ourself.

There is the energy field of humor, which is higher. The fact that humor heals has been reported in books by celebrities who have healed a physical illness through the constant use of laughter.

The choosing of laughter and humor and putting ourself in a loving, laughing energy field that is over 500 tends to bring healing out of its own nature. The is the capacity to laugh at the misfortune, which means that the experience is one thing, and that which we are in truth is something else.

We are not the experience nor at the effect of it. We are no longer the victim and have stopped struggling with it and resisting it.