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Grounding devices like mats or mattress pad? I have heard of these but don’t know much

Elizabeth Kolencik Dukes H2o perioxide best brand
Iodine best product brand

Tara Apricity Elizabeth Kolencik Dukes ‘Pure Health Discounts’ is where you can buy the undiluted 35% food grade peroxide.
Lugol’s 5% is what you’d want for iodine, Amazon isn’t carrying the 5% anymore but you can buy it straight from the supplier at ‘Miss Lizzy’s Thyroid Support’.

Jillian Wood Black seed oil

Brandi Smith Brad Shadoian not for thyroid/hashi people.. many take it daily.

Brandi Smith Emf Shielding. Dont forget to mention the part where they DONT WORK IN APARTMENTS, or near apartments, or in near a wall with a smart meter.. or in or near a public school, nor do they block direct signal, etc… And why are the gigahertz meters the only fcking meters available on the market. ETC . Thanks .

Tiffany Melanson Brandi Smith shungite for EMF protection should be worn on the body. 

Aya Ohm https://youtu.be/B4lGhVjoMTk 

NEPAL – Singing Bowl Interview and Demonstration with…

Trey Holland Naturally derived Carnosine (peptide amino acid – non synthetic) supplement for eyes and brain… Also, I saw where people are getting special faraday cages for their beds… I usually ground whilst sleeping, but would this cage type thing really help further with the EMF?

Krissy A Burks Black Seed oil

Claudia Pacheco Copper vessels water detox 

Rasa Manjari vegetarian natural stem cell supplements

Lorraine Miller Molecular hydrogen water, emf protection from within your home, blue blockers and redoxing

Kristen Ash Gia Wellness

Julio Guarev Vitamin C 

Carbon 60 Serving Size | One Serving of Bob Greska’s C60 Organic…Redox molecules

Danny Glass Haha i was going to make a video stating why i do not recommend C60

Trey Holland Intravenous Astragalus root extract astragoliside IV telomere activation administered clinical setting

Lora Robert Coberly How to protect from emf

Lora Robert Coberly Todd Shipman i do have C60.. Thank you!

Todd Shipman Lora Robert Coberly make sure you have the good stuff. (I deleted my original comment since you were specifically asking Danny, and I kinda barged in

Kew Vee Wim hof Hof method. Most paradigm shattering thing u can do

Jodi Walper Mimisa pudica seed

Jo-Ann Rafferty Jodi Walper and how to get it cheaper.

Frances Dailey You can get blue light blocker film on your prescription glasses now. There is also a night light feature on phones and computers. It adds yellow hue.

Kyler Sintich PEMF mats

Lavada VanTassel Life After Death!! Lmbo just kidding

Tim Mitchell no

Darlene Tavares Best supplements for maintaining iron levels, liver, hair skin nails and kidneys. Also on fresh aloe vera juice. Thank You 🙂

Kim Paige Yes, I would love your input on 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy!

Kim Shaf Rife frequency devices, Spooky2, radionics

Pamela Rowe I’m curious if anyone has experience with the ampcoil machine. I saw a youtube video from a woman who used it to heal lyme.

Cherylyn Carpenter Pamela Rowe have you done a rife machine? That’s how my brother healed his.

Pamela Rowe No I haven’t tried any machines – only supplements. Can I ask which model he used, the cost and the length/frequency of the treatments? Cherylyn Carpenter

Kim Shaf Dangers of root canals and how to safely remove them if we already have them

Michelle Rymer What about zapper machines?

Kim Shaf Tesla coil

Don Prohaska Something for the brain

Fiona Duffy Copper

Michael Frings sulfer (anorganic) for healing your gut…

Victor Suntinger Johnson Mucuna pruriens ????

Julio Guarev Alkaline/Dionized ???? water!

Cammy McVey Any quality brand Colostrum

Karen Crowell What to do if we have root canals already.

Pascal Shaw Parazapper please, its a zapping device meant to kill parasites but do these things actually work?

Bert Blanchard Rife machine

Smith Edition Zapper

BeLinda Bynum Green Shungite and toumaline necklaces

Al Wood Danny Glass Zappers. Specifically the Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner. And the Don Croft zappers, like the Terminator Zapper. Would love to see the effectiveness of these versus say MMS or turp

Al Wood Danny Glass and make videos about ozone machines, infrared mats, such as the sunlighten solopad, inversion tables, and your thoughts on using aged urine internally for parasites. And advanced TRS

Prvs Pavlina Zapper …..bioresonance

Jane Sullivan-Ishii TRS

Julia Scorey Grounding sheets,,air purifiers.

Lance Gibler What about oral health?? Lip care. Tongue ???? health

Norma Jean shungite

Irfan Munshi NLS hunter

Victor Suntinger Johnson DMSO my bro and Detox Using Sodium Thiosulphate (STS) ?

Kathy Voss Walls Dmso

Angel Frolicker I’m launching my EMF clothing line soon, and a big fan of you and the turps…so yes, maybe in the near future. Hoodies made with 42% nano coated silver on the interior.

Cari Cariñosita You wanna review my brilliant brain booster and detox supplements? The brain booster is 14 med mushrooms plus golden teacher magic w cacao and flax. The detox has sulpher, baking soda, shilajit, colve, black walnut hull, himslayan salt, boswellia.

Tara Apricity I guess you must have done food grade peroxide already, I’m interested in learning more about this and DMSO.


Elizabeth Kolencik Dukes Like to buy a good copper pitcher. Sites?

Cari Cariñosita mt boyfriend found me some beautiful ones on Amazon last year for V day ????

Beth Schlaffman Crabb ionizing footbaths

Sofya Falez Sulphure Organic. Amazing Gluthatione

Tara Apricity Shilajit

Alex Soares Harataki

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