Feb 252017

A cada día le basta su afán.
De que sirve preocuparse por como voy a poder sobrevivir cuando no tenga nada si eso a dia de hoy no es cierto y posiblemente nunca llegue a serlo así como nunca lo ha sido? Pues eso son pájaros que se te meten en la cabeza que están ocupando el lugar de otras aves mas bellas que podrian estar ya anidando. Es como estar mas salido que el pico de una plancha y no comerse un rosco o pasar de todo y dejar que la cosa surja…. Pero en honor a la verdad mientras que desees tener un mejor status si deberias, y hablo por mi, hacer algo al respecto…. que? Eso solo tu lo puedes saber, te pueden decir y ayudar a hacer diferentes opciones pero la ultima palabra solamente la das tu. Yo creo que la solución pasa por hacer una entrega dedicada y profunda al amor de tu corazon, a dios como tu lo entiendas. Amén! Pax!

Feb 252017

He logrado vencerme y le estoy dando a la perrita una gota de MMS

por la mañana y otra por la noche, para mi esto es la respuesta a mis oraciones, vencer las propias resistencias es y como siempre hablo por mi una tarea de gigantes, de ahí que digo que mis oraciones han sido escuchadas…..

No espero mucho en resultados, la perrita es ya muy mayor casi 20 años y creo que tuvo la enfermedad de lesmaniosis http://fundaciontrifolium.org/leishmania-canina-conocela-previenela-tratala-y-deja-de-verla-como-un-monstruo-letal/ toda su vida por lo que considero que algunas veces quien realmente vive en su cuerpo es mas el parasito que ella misma, no tengo niguna ambicion para su recuperacion completa, peso, vista, tono muscular pues las piernas trasera apenas le aguantan su peso, etc. lo que realmente deseo es que pueda ayudarla a llevarlo todo de la mejor manera posible, aliviandole todo posible sufrimiento.

El ojo se lo lavo con un spray de agua de mar, lo tiene enfermo y el agua le hidrata y limpia muchos restos de legañas y algo de sangre.

Su comida se la enriquezco siempre con un chorrito de aguademar, creo que le encanta su gusto salado.

Ultimamente bebe muy poco, ya no lo hace a diario sino cada dos o tres días, pero sigue comiendo muy bien y con su insaciable gusto por andar, aunque apenas se logra mantener en pie, le he colocado un “airbag” en el cuello a base de un viejo jersey para que le sirva de amortiguador. Es digno de ver, poder haber convivido con ella
Pero ella sigue queriendo andar y come aunque apenas bebe agua, antes la bebia a diario ahora solo cada dos o tres dias…

Gracias por tus oraciones para Lene!
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Feb 242017

The Causes Of Illness According To Edgar Cayce
by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick and Nancy Thurlbeck

The greatest surprise of Edgar Cayce’s health readings were the apparent causes given for various illnesses. The Source, speaking through the sleeping Cayce, cited reasons for illness that ranged from what now might be considered old-fashioned, like getting one’s feet wet or exposure to the elements, to more unusual reasons, like washing one’s food down with a drink without chewing it properly. The Source veered furthest from accepted medical philosophy when he offered more cosmic-related reasons—such as the karmic repercussions of choices made in a previous life. Perhaps just as unusual in his time, Cayce frequently connected illness to the mental and emotional states of the patients. In one reading he was quoted as saying, “Thus you can …[suffer] a bad cold from getting mad…[or] from…[cursing out] someone.”

For some physical disturbances Cayce also described primary causes which then, as now, remain unrecognized by the medical profession. These included conditions such as psoriasis which Cayce said was caused by the thinning of intestinal walls and the resulting leakage of toxins back into the system. The body then attempts to throw off those toxins through another system of elimination—the skin; migraine headaches, which he said were frequently the result of congestion in the colon; and morning sickness in pregnant women, which he attributed to the lack of certain minerals which were being taken from the mother to build the baby’s body. He said that the causes and symptoms were similar to those of a teething infant. And the treatment was the same for both. He also said that spinal injuries could cause problems as diverse as asthma, stuttering and even violent behavior.
Cayce’s Four Basic Elements of Good Health

When studying the readings, doctors working with Cayce were forced to expand their understanding of the role that four basic processes played in governing the health of the body. These four processes, which Cayce said affected our cells’ ability to reproduce and function properly were:

Circulation and


Assimilation, which appeared in almost one quarter of the medical readings, referred not only to the body’s intake of nutrients, but also to process of digestion. Cayce frequently warned against eating when upset, angry or distressed, saying that due to the resulting physiological changes in the body, food would remain undigested and become toxic to the system. Cayce also spoke of avoiding certain food combinations, specifically those foods requiring different acids to be digested. If such foods were eaten together, Cayce said, one type would be digested while the other would sit and ferment in the stomach thus becoming toxic to the body.

Just as mass-produced foods were beginning to appear, and decades before the whole-food movement became popular, Cayce was issuing warnings. He repeatedly stated that refined foods, sugars, red meat, and fried food were generally harmful to the body. “What we think and what we eat—combined together,” Cayce said, “make what we are, physically and mentally.”

Cayce did not just warn patients away from certain foods, he encouraged the consumption of others. For instance, in keeping with what is now known about the importance of ingesting active food enzymes, he recommended eating one meal per day of primarily raw vegetables. He also consistently instructed patients to eat whole rather than refined grains, saying that refined products not only lacked nutrients the body needs, but that such foods, with all enzymes and other elements removed, are actually toxic to the human body. And although he didn’t use the contemporary term phyto-chemicals—the nutritional element related to the color of foods—he often recommended foods of a certain color for particular ailments.

Cayce also spoke of the acid-alkaline balance in the body, which he said was affected by the foods we eat—an area of nutrition that was virtually unheard of in the 1920s, and has only recently become popular. Cayce’s general diet guidelines recommended the consumption of twenty percent acid producing foods, such as meats, starches and sugars, and eighty percent alkaline producing foods, such as vegetables, fruits and dairy products. To a forty-eight-year-old woman, Cayce said: “The less physical exercise…the greater should be the alkaline reacting food taken. Energies or activities may burn acids, but those who lead the sedentary life can’t go on sweets or too much starches.”

He also recommended that vegetables from below the ground, such as carrots, beets, and potatoes, should constitute only twenty-five percent of one’s diet of vegetables, while above the ground vegetables, such as lettuce, squash, and tomatoes, should account for the other seventy-five percent. He recommended that only ten percent of our diet be fats, another ten percent proteins, five percent refined starches and sugars and the other seventy-five percent complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits and grains.

Long after Cayce’s death, many of the seemingly radical guidelines he offered in the 1930s would be seen as having merit. But some of Cayce’s recommendations still seem strange to this day. For instance, he stated in several readings that while tomatoes contain more nutrients than any other single food, when not vine-ripened, they are toxic to the human body. He also stated that carbonated drinks were to be almost always avoided, not just because of the sugar or artificial sweetener in them, but because they interfered with the interaction between the liver and the kidney. Other gems offered by Cayce included such statements as: apples should never be eaten raw, only baked or cooked, unless used for fasting purposes; only the peel of the white potato was of any real nutritional value; and coffee and tea become toxic when combined with milk or cream.


Poor elimination was cited as being at the root of a great number of illnesses, and references to it appeared in over half of Cayce’s medical readings. Apart from taking in nourishment, human cells must also eliminate waste products and toxins to remain healthy, and according to the Cayce readings, “[if] the assimilations and eliminations…[were] kept nearer normal in the human family, the days might be extended to whatever period as was so desired, for the system is…able to bring resuscitation so long as the eliminations do not hinder.”

Cayce suggested many different aids to elimination. One of the simplest was to drink a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice each morning upon rising and before eating, which apparently helped the body eliminate the toxins thrown off during sleep. Similarly, he recommended doing deep breathing exercises each morning to eliminate toxins pooled in the lungs from the shallow breathing characteristic of sleep. Dietary measures were also recommended to improve bowel activity, which included eating leafy vegetables and stewed fruit such as figs and raisins. He also suggested drinking as much as six to eight glasses of water a day.

In extreme cases of toxemia, Cayce recommended enemas and colonics, adding that these could also be used by healthy people. “For everyone—everybody—should take an internal bath occasionally as well as an external one.” Cayce also frequently recommended three-day apple fasts, and occasionally four-day grape fasts or five-day orange fasts for more extreme cases of toxemia. While the apple fast in particular was intended to have a cleansing effect on the intestines, it would also, according to Cayce, “cleanse the activities of the liver, the kidneys and the whole system.”

The third aspect of sustaining good health, according to Cayce, was circulation. “The circulation…is the main attribute to the physical body, or that which keeps life in the whole system,” he often said in trance, and references to circulation turned up in approximately sixty-percent of the readings. Highlighting the role that circulation plays in assimilation and elimination, he pointed out that “there is no condition existent in a body that the reflection of same may not be traced to the blood supply, for not only does the blood stream carry the rebuilding forces to the body, it also takes the used forces and eliminates same through their proper channels.” In the same reading, Cayce made a startling prophetic remark: “The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body.”

Cayce made reference not only to arterial circulation, but lymphatic circulation, which he considered to be just as important. The Source referred to the fluid in the lymphatic system as “white blood” or “lymph blood,” and pointed out that unlike the arterial system which has both the heart and the muscle-lined wall of the arteries to move the blood along, the lymph system has no pump of its own, and it relies on other methods to move waste matter out of the body. One method Cayce recommended was massage. Although it was considered by many to be nothing more than idle pampering, Cayce saw massage as curative, particularly for the inactive.

The most natural way to sustain good overall circulation, both of the lymph and the blood, Cayce said, was exercise. As he pointed out in a reading for a forty-six-year-old woman, “Exercise is wonderful, and necessary—and little or few take as much as is needed, in a systematic manner.” To another patient he said exercise “is not something merely to be gotten through or gotten rid of.” Daily stretches, head and neck rolls and walks, preferably of twenty minutes, were all recommendations Cayce gave.


The fourth process Cayce considered vital to good health was what he referred to as relaxation. In trance, Cayce stated that “the activity of the mental or soul force of the body may control entirely the whole physical [body] through the action of the balance in the sympathetic [nervous] system, for the sympathetic nerve system is to the soul and spirit forces as the cerebrospinal is to the physical forces of an entity.” The nervous system was the vehicle through which Cayce’s “mind as the builder” could most directly influence the body.

Cayce’s physical readings divided the nervous system into three parts: the cerebrospinal system, made up of the brain and the spinal cord; the sensory nervous system, which included the sense organs; and the sympathetic nervous system, or the autonomic nervous system, over which a person has no conscious control. According to the readings, the sympathetic nervous system could be considered “the brain manifestation of soul forces in the body.” Cayce also suggested that within this system, habits—both good and bad—are formed and retained. These habits govern the links between our mind and our body. And apparently anyone could “correct habits by forming others! That [goes for] everybody!”

Although modern-day medical practitioners often look upon the power of “suggestion” as pseudo science, Cayce often recommended that positive suggestion be a part of a patient’s daily treatment. Cayce said that emotions, both positive and negative, moved as electric energies through the nervous system, affecting the entire organism. His message here was that the nervous system acts as a conduit and carries impulses and instructions to every cell in the body. Positive and negative thoughts could therefore physically alter each cell’s functioning. Again, Cayce was far ahead of his time in pinpointing the role that stress played in one’s overall health. In one reading Cayce—in trance—stated that “worry and fear [are] the greatest foes to [a] normal healthy physical body .” For another patient he said, “For thoughts are things! And they have their effect upon individuals…just as physical as sticking a pin in the hand!”

This same theme was expanded upon in a reading Cayce did for a forty-four-year-old physician. “While [it is] true [that] medicines, compounds, mechanical appliances, radiation, all have their place and are of the creative forces, yet the…[ability] of arousing hope, of creating confidence, of bringing the awareness of faith into the consciousness of an individual is very necessary,” the Source said. “Only when any portion of the anatomical structure of a human being is put in accord with the divine influences…may real healing come.”

Cayce also said that a preoccupation with a particular illness could result in the manifestation of that illness in one’s own life. To maintain health, Cayce suggested that “quiet, meditation, for a half to a minute, will bring strength…[if the body will] see physically this flowing out to quiet self, whether walking, standing still, or resting.” And Cayce urged patients to find balance in their lives: “Budget the time so that there may be a regular period for sustaining the physical being and also for sustaining the mental and spiritual being. As it is necessary…for recreation and rest for the physical, so it is necessary that there be recreation and rest for the mental.”


In contrast to the predominant view that doctors healed exclusively through medicine or surgery, Cayce’s trance view was that “unless it be for a removal of conditions that have become acute by neglect or other causes of the same nature, all curative forces must be from within self and are of the whole of a physical being: for the human anatomical body is as the working of a perfect whole.” In this sense, Cayce viewed the human body as a miracle of creation in its ability to heal itself. His view became more apparent in a statement he made to a group of entrepreneurial doctors seeking information on health products they wanted to produce. In this reading requested on their behalf by Cayce’s son Hugh Lynn and nephew, Tommy House, Cayce said, “There is no greater factory in the universe than that in a human body in its natural, normal reacting state. For there are those machines or glands within the body capable of producing, from the very air or water and the food values taken into the body…any element at all that is known in the material world!” Cayce would also say, more than once, that “every cell of the body is a universe in itself.”

In other readings, Cayce took the generative properties of the body one step further, to suggest that if a person were to maintain the proper attitude and to keep their organs properly coordinated with one another, they could live as long as they wanted: “For, as may be told by any pathologist, there is no known reason why any individual entity should not live as long as it desires. And there is no death, save in thy consciousness. Because all others have died, ye expect to, and you do!

The ability of a human being to prolong their life, according to Cayce, depends on the proper functioning of the endocrine system. The glands, Cayce said, were “that which enables the body, physically throughout to reproduce itself.” The glandular system also, according to Cayce, serves as the physical point of contact between a person’s nervous system and his or her “spiritual bodies.” The readings identified seven glands which are also referred to as seven centers, or “chakras,” which act as both growth centers for the physical body and major spiritual centers. These seven include the gonads—also referred to as the cells of Leydig or Leyden—the adrenals, the thymus, the thyroid, the pineal, and the pituitary. In the 1930s, when Cayce did readings on these glands, their purposes were being hotly contested, and to a certain degree, none would be completely understood by the medical profession until a half-century or more later.

As with the nervous system, Cayce described how a person’s emotions affect the glands’ activities: “For as has been indicated in some manners, some activities, there is an activity within the system produced by anger, fear, mirth, joy, or any of those active forces, that produces through the glandular secretion those activities that flow into the whole of the system.” These emotion-caused secretions could wreak havoc with one’s health. “Anger causes poisons to be secreted from the glands,” he said. “Joy has the opposite effect.” On another occasion he noted: “No one can hate his neighbor and not have stomach or liver trouble. No one can be jealous and allow the anger of same and not have upset digestion or heart disorder.” Perhaps the most radical assertion he made along these lines was to say that all disease was caused by sin, most notably the sin of fear, for that represented a lack of faith. ” Fear is the root of most of the ills of mankind,” he said in a reading given in June of 1928.

Cayce would also state, while in trance, that while the spiritual body is not actually contained in the physical body, “there is the pattern in the material or physical plane of every condition, as exists in the cosmic or spiritual plane.” It was for this reason, perhaps, that Cayce did not view illness as strictly caused by physical problems, or did he see its cure only in the physical realm. Belief and anticipation played an important part in the healing process, too. He reminded patients that “..what ye ask in His name, believing, and thyself living, [mind will build].” He also said that “a good laugh, an arousing even to… hilariousness, is good for the body, physically, mentally, and gives the opportunity for greater mental and spiritual awakening.” In another reading he said: “one is ever just as young as the heart and the purpose. Keep sweet. Keep friendly. Keep loving, if ye would keep young.”


According to Cayce, the attitude that truly heals is the “Christ Consciousness…the only source of healing for a physical or mental body. “ As the source once put it: “There are in truth, no incurable conditions…that which exists is and was produced from a first cause, and may be met or counteracted, or changed.” In another reading Cayce said that “all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Whether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or…[anything else], it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living force to its spiritual heritage.”

According to Cayce, the attitude that truly heals is the “Christ Consciousness…the only source of healing for a physical or mental body. “ As the source once put it: “There are in truth, no incurable conditions…that which exists is and was produced from a first cause, and may be met or counteracted, or changed.” In another reading Cayce said that “all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Whether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or…[anything else], it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living force to its spiritual heritage.”

Feb 162017

Ahora me ha venido una pequeña lucidez, diria en inglés insight, pero no lo se traducir bien a español. La cosa ha sido que he pensado que es a pesar del ego y de como son las personas que las podemos amar. Si me limito a estar en la critica y el rechazo, mirando que tal bueno es y que tal hace las cosas y como eso me disgusta y me molesta, voy a estar siempre en una baja vibración… de ahí también que no se puede resolver ningún problema desde su mismo nivel vibratorio…. Entonces el click que debe darse en la mente es para amar y aceptar al otro aunque sea imperfecto…. y esas supuestas imperfecciones te hayan hecho salirte de tus casillas. Pues poco después de ese reconocimiento me encontré con estas frases; “el juicio y la armonía no pueden estar en el mismo lugar, tu puedes volver a la armonía abrazando al mundo como es.

You can return to harmony by embracing the world as it is.

Y es que hoy el día se ha presentado muy revelador….. todo lo mal que lo pasé, los momentos duros y difíciles que viví; la muerte de seres queridos, injusticias, golpes y maltratos, perdida de relaciones, falta de empleo, desprecios, insultos, enfermedades, etc. etc. la lista da para mas y muchas cosas se multiplican por varias veces…. Este pensamiento me ha venido hoy en la meditación de la mañana…. ese duermevela en el que tengo la fortuna de poder quedarme antes de levantarme de la cama, ahí donde invoco la presencia del amor para mi y también el aprecio y el respeto para todos los demás seres incluido yo mismo. Y entregándome en esos momentos y viendo que no soy yo, sigo abriéndome a la presencia de la Divinidad, del amor… y en un momento entro en un nivel de conciencia expandida, y me siento flotar en el espacio… algo debe tambier de suceder en todas las células de mi cuerpo al entrar en ese estado de ingravidez. Pero sin darme cuenta me lleva el sueño, son solo unos minutos… de paz y quietud. Me despierto y se que hoy voy a ser un poquito más yo mismo otra vez y doy gracias a Dios por ello.

5148123 Gracias!

Feb 142017

Estos seminarios se me hacen muy atractivos, al menos en esta presentacion, como el estudio y manejo de la propia voz puede llevarnos a estar y sentir de distintas maneras ante los mismos estímulos que en otras ocasiones hayan podido hacer que perdamos el control. Todo pasa por uno primero y despues como se habla de ese suceso, con los otros tambien hace una gran diferencia o como se habla uno mismo acerca de las cosas… esa vocecita incansable puede ser también reeducada, si es que la vamos a tener que aguantar mucho rato, y depende del modo en que nos digamos a nosotros primeramente las cosas sera nuestra posterior actitud ante ello mismo. También puedo aprender a cantar y a generar diferentes tonos. Hay una practica que me gusta mucho de una nativa americana que hace un canto en cada chakra para terminar con una danza de luz en la coronilla y el corazon….

Change your Life with your Voice

We are spirit, living in the vehicle of a human body. Therefore other sources of energy are extremely powerful when it comes to improving who we are!
Frequencies and music mold and actually change us (physically, emotionally…) making sound energy an accessible, fast way to empower ourselves, health and relationships.
Vibrational energies change and mold who we are! … How healthy we are… whether we are positive or negative… how we fare in our relationships. With interactive sound energies ONE CAN empower ITS self to incredible degrees!

__The most powerful & accessible way to ingest uplifting Frequencies is through music and YOUR VOICE!
__Use music to scrub your negative energies and release them from nagging and looped thinking-feelings.
__Empower yourself and be Your Own Master – in relationships. Start healing Yourself & Others with your own VOICE! Gain back your Control!
__Connect with Guides, Celestial Angles & Masters with your OWN VOICE!
__Without using will power, but your voice energy – experience your personality changing and how people react to you!

* ツ

Feb 142017

Brazaletes de oscillometer se establecieron en las extremidades superiores del sujeto explorado. El operador se coloca ya sea en la cabeza o los pies y “siente” el ritmo craneal. Un observador neutral observa en la cinta del electrocardiógrafo a la información proporcionada por el operador como que se despliega la palpación.

El sujeto está echada boca arriba, inmóvil, los brazos a los lados, relajado. Brazaletes a los miembros superiores, se inflan a una presión intermedia entre el nivel de la presión arterial mínima y máxima porque es allí donde las oscilaciones tienen la mayor amplitud. La presión se distribuye alternativamente, a veces el brazo izquierdo, a veces el brazo derecho.

Posición de la mano para la escucha parietal.

Se utilizan dos técnicas de escucha

operador escucha parietal del cráneo está sentado a la cabeza del sujeto, los brazos descansando sobre la mesa. Se coloca la superficie palmar de la falange distal de los cuatro últimos dedos de los dos huesos parietales por debajo de la cresta interparietal da apego a la fascia del músculo temporal. Los pulgares se cruzan por encima del cráneo sin tocarlo, para asegurar la estabilidad en ligero contacto (5 a 20 g) de los dedos sobre el cráneo. Anteriormente, las presiones fueron calibrados en un dinamómetro.

El operador presione ligeramente hacia el interior, lo que provoca la rotación externa de los dos huesos parietales. Después de unos segundos aparece el movimiento de expansión y contracción craneal del diámetro transversal del cráneo, que se corresponde con el movimiento de flexión-extensión.

El operador tiene que ir con el ritmo, asegurándose de dejar la fisiología expresarse, sin provocar molestias o cambia. Cuando el diámetro de la sección transversal alcanza su máximo, el operador especifica “flexión”, mientras que cuando el diámetro es en su mínimo, el operador especifica “extensión”.

Una tecnología de dispositivos de escucha con los miembros inferiores rara vez se logró: el operador se sienta cómodamente a los pies del sujeto y pone sus manos a ambos el empeine o en la parte delantera de la pierna.

La presión es siempre entre 10 y 20 g. El movimiento aparece después de unos segundos. Si es fisiológica, piernas girando en rotación interna; la mayor parte de cada rotación, las señales de operador “interna” o “externa”. http://www.osteopathie-france.net/comprendre-losteopathie/osteo-cranien/616-cranien091

Feb 112017

We are living times of big opportunities for change(IMO), there are some easy going procedures to reset and restore our systems to operate at theyr best, sure is an ongoing process.

Together with some good practices like sungazing, drinking seawater, and prayer i also have avoided to a greater extend old habits and practices from every aspect of life, aka, no meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no smoke, no drugs neither allopatics, etc.

For a deeper detox or cleanse i have tried mms, hulda zapper and fasting, having being fasting so far the most effective as well as compatible with the mms/zapper.

But having said and done that for a couple of times i still feel some areas that are resisting to leave and those would be some of my next goals. It is not a big issue but who knows what today is small may tomorrow grow big.

I also want to start the ormus trial and for that i want to prepare the best terrain just not to get trapped into any sort of problem, dependency, overdossages, weak protocol follow, and lately ego tryp.

I am not living alone and my friend is not on this track so the subtle energies that emerges on this process or rituals are still in a baby phase to better cooperate with outsiders 😉

So wanting to go with the flow of this times and energies i pray for the bet moment to come…. and stay.

I can imagine that affter geting more expertise i would not bother to share space with other friends despite of theyr choosed style. If you resonate and would like to discuss on a posible share of this experience we can talk. I would be happy to find a place that we can enjoy for doing it, please dont hesitate to ask i would apreciate as well any donation that may allow me get the fly as there are a couple of places that are of my interest, being one that garden of mantak chia and other could be the iceland resort of the therapy people, but those two are not free of charge.

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*** Idea – which we must place at the centre of our life ***

Learn to nurture a central thought, a nucleus, a focus around which everything else will order itself. Several circles may form around this nucleus, but at the centre there must be a single thought. Only then do you give meaning and consistency to your life.

There is nothing to stop you having a head full of ideas and plans, but something solid has to be built from a central point. Not many men and women get up in the morning with a basic idea that will guide their activity and behaviour throughout the day.
Most people, from the time they wake up, rush around in all directions. They go out, they come back, and in the evening they go to bed exhausted, only to start all over again the next day; they may have other thoughts, but all just as chaotic.

If at last they decide to be occupied and guided by an idea, then forces they are not even aware of but which are present in their subconscious, in the cells of their body, will awaken and align themselves with their efforts, and they will feel enlightened, helped and guided. The idea you should place at the centre of your life can be expressed by a single word: light.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Sep 202015

Max Long, a metaphysics pioneer, linked the Kahuna worldview with metaphysical theory and what resulted was what he called the ‘7 Huna Principles’. Here are the 7 principles and their basic implications:
The 7 Huna Principles

Ike- The world is what you think it is

Kala- There are no limits

Makia- Energy flows where attention goes

Mana Wa- Now is the moment of power

Aloha- To love is to be ‘happy with’

Mana- All power comes from within

Pono- Effectiveness is the measure of truth
Ike- The world is what you think it is: perception is reality. This is an often repeated sentiment in metaphysical thought and theory but is nonetheless accurate and logical in terms of what quantum physics has shown. Our outer perception of reality is but a mirror to our own inner state which is composed of our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately our belief systems. If you test this out you will see it is true. When we walk in the world with a chip on our shoulder, negative emotions, and aggressive thoughts, we will be met with an uncaring and violent world. If we are filled with peace and enjoyment, we will experience of world of flowers, songs, and beauty.

Kala- There are no limits: All limits are merely those put in place by our own minds. Yes, perhaps we have inherited or been conditioned into those limiting beliefs by our parents or greater society, but we are nonetheless responsible for the expansion beyond any limitations we experience. they are but an illusion. As our belief systems are shaken loose and shifted, we will shift into alternate versions of the self where our reality is malleable and plastic and is able to be shifted according to our own state of consciousness.

Makia- Energy flows where attention goes: This is one of the most foundational and universally valuable concepts to embrace and integrate into our lives. We exist as constantly transforming fields of vibration in an infinitely shifting quantum universe. What does this mean? Our thoughts steer the ship. Our thoughts are things. With our thoughts, beliefs and emotions we shift our own state of being and thus our entire reality. Intention is the formative principle. Therefore, being with attention, and energy will follow.

Mana Wa- Now is the moment of power: Now is truly the only moment we have, and if we could understand and live in this now perspective, total liberation and power would be ours. The past and the future, by definition, are merely concepts of an experience that is not immediately real, and when or if those perceived experiences come into alignment with the present moment, they will be just that- present moment. Therefore, there is no moment but now and because this is so, ALL power must rest in this moment right now.

Aloha- To love is to be happy with: The only difference between whether you receive nourishment or pain from any given person, experience, perception, or moment is whether or not you love that person or thing. Love is not a valentines day card or a sappy emotional state, is is merely a perfect state of total acceptance and non resistance. Love is pure appreciation. If we can understand that all things we see in our reality are flowing from the self, that they are reflections and indicators of who we are and our current state of being, we would love them all and thus maintain our power internally rather than externalizing it. Likewise, If you love and unconditionally accept a person, you will have no choice but to be happy with them because true love holds no expectations. It loves JUST BECAUSE and expects nothing in return.

Mana- All power comes from within: Every ounce of power and ability rests within the self. Everything else we experience through the vehicle of our perception is merely a permission slip or a ritual we use to give ourselves permission to experience a certain aspect of ourselves. All power is from within and nothing can obscure that power.

Pono- Effectiveness is the measure of truth: How can we know if something is true? Truth is subject and relative to the perspective experiencing it. Therefore the ultimate measure of truth is whether or not something is working effectively for you. That is all that truly matters. There are infinite paths and they all ultimately lead back to the same destination which is the source of all things, or the light of consciousness itself. Everything else is a beautiful and integral facet or aspect of all that is and therefore every single thing is valid and true in its own right. What matters is if that path is effective for you on your specific journey.
Justo ahora leo también acerca del significado de Pono una palabra de origen Hawaiano muy utilizada por los sacerdotes Kahuna. La efectividad es la medida de la verdad: como podemos saber si algo es verdadero? La verdad es subjetiva y relativa a la perspectiva de su experimentación. Por ello la ultima medida de la verdad es si algo esta o no funcionando para ti. Eso es todo lo que realmente importa. Hay infinitud de caminos y todos ellos llevan al mismo destino que es la fuente de todas las cosas, o la luz o la consciencia en si misma. Todo lo demás es una bella e integral faceta o aspecto de todo lo que es y por ello cada cosa sencilla es válida y verdadera por su derecho propio. Lo que importa es si ese camino es efectivo para ti en tu jornada.
I hope you have found this information helpful. Thank you for reading.

Sources: wisdompills.com

May 252013

Vivir es aprender a morir,
este asunto me parece fundamental ahora y siempre lástima que no se nos haya enseñado más ya desde la infancia que VIVIR ES APRENDER A MORIR y asi tengamos estos egos y pecados desmedidos Soberbia, Orgullo y Vanidad sin sentido porque comparado ante la muerte natural que pequeño es todo y que relativo.. no es facil pero parece que cuanto mas dificil mejor es la enseñanza y la semilla de amor y crecimiento que encierra esa leccion… yo ahora mismo paso por un proceso dental de haber caido en manos de un supuesto buen profesional que mas se me hace un profesional en amasar fortunas sin menoscabo de la salud de sus pacientes, llevo gastadas sumas considerables, mucho para mi truncada economia y aun padezco de dolores y molestias y defectos de estetica dental…. no es nada facil para mi aplicar la compasion y la tolerancia… muchos de los que leais esto tal vez esteis de acuerdo o no… supuestamente tenemos unos derechos y una constitucion que deberia ampararnos en estos supuestos y otros tambien pero a diario vemos como se cometen imprudencias y delitos y la sociedad se queda impavida e impune el infractor incluso acusan a la victima de ser la responsable del desmán…. no tenemos unas leyes justas y las que tenemos tampoco se cumplen justamente…. pero que es lo que podemos hacer? nada? Dos o mas hechos se me hacen importantes en este y similares sucesos…. la falta de responsabilidad mia personal, la falta de denuncia mia personal, la falta de saber mio personal y si….. dejar la salud o lo que sea en manos de terceros tiene estos riesgos….. ellos hacen su supuesto trabajo que mas es su dinero y lo que a ti te pase les trae al pairo…. si uno no ha negociado bien anteriormente se dan estos desmanes, etc etc ahora una vez que el mal se ha hecho quedas a merced de los vientos y te dejas llevar por los demonios o te anclas en la justicia y el respeto por ti mismo…. te perdonas y perdonas ue hayas permitido este tipo de situaciones tal vez por haberlas dejado ser por no haberte sabido amar mejor a ti mismo… ahora se han presentado y te ves de nuevo confrontado con ellas? o contigo, con uno mismo y tienes asi de nuevo la sarten por el mango… una nueva oportunidad…. perdonarte por tu error y perdonarle a el/ellos por el suyo…. aparte de que se rian de ti y te hagan escarnio… si deseas la vida plena deberas pasar estas pruebas dando gracias de que se hayan presentado…



Oct 312011




Los Hunzas son muy conocidos entre la investigación por ser el pueblo más sano y feliz de la tierra. Su notable salud y su longevidad han llamado la atención de diversos investigadores. Durante mucho tiempo se pensó que esa longevidad extraordinaria era debida únicamente a factores genéticos pero las investigaciones llevadas a cabo en ese pueblo han demostrado que los factores más importantes causantes de su extraordinaria salud y longevidad son su alimentación básicamente vegetal, clima seco y soleado y estilo de vida con abundante ejercicio físico.